I clearly remember, when I was still a student, a scientist saying "a bipedal walking robot will never be realized". Nowadays robots not only walk but they can go up stairs, dance and even have a conversation. Science technology, a creation by the human beings' inquisitive mind and imagination, will continue its development going forward at a pace far exceeding expectations.

Our company, Data Process Service, started as an independent software company in 1974, when IT (information technology) was still called "electronics technology". We have achieved major progress with our company's "personal integrity first, technology second" corporate philosophy, through all these 40 years in this field where technological innovation continues every minute, if not every second.

To us, a true professional is someone with a rich personality, in addition to his/her technological and perceptive skills and creative thinking. After all, it is a human that develops a system and uses it. To develop a system fully fit for use by persons, it takes a human who knows the mind of other people. That is why we say "personal integrity first".

It is a company's social responsibility to educate people. To foster in a good work environment broad-minded, aspiring, inquisitive and curious individuals with boundless possibilities who love to interact with people more than anything else, and to entrust to them the future of the company and society: I believe this is how we can cultivate genuine IT professionals who bring the society forward and thereby contribute to the further advancement of the society in which we live.

We surely see new buds growing at Data Process Service. We have devoted and will continue to devote our sincere efforts, together with our valued customers, to build a society which will make humans richer.

Yuichi Ohnishi
President and Representative Director